R.I.P. Charles Bradley

The first time I saw Charles Bradley perform, was years ago at Turner Hall Ballroom in Milwaukee, WI.  I walked away from his set with the feeling of love and joy.  Charles was all about bringing his passion of music to the stage, while at the same time, making everyone in the crowd feel excited about life, even if they were having a terrible day.  His songs (to me) were about life’s hardships, and dreaming for a better tomorrow, no matter what life throws at you.  At the end of his set, while his band forged on finishing the last musical measures, Charles went down to the crowd and hugged everyone in his path and shouted out, “I love you!” and he meant it.  I’ve never felt so much power, love, and authenticity from a single performer before.  He was truly one of the greatest of our time.

To The Screaming Eagle of Soul, thank you very much for the wonderful music, charm, and positivity.



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