With The Popes in Wisconsin.




This past weekend the Shades played Madison and La Crosse with the Smoking Popes from Chicago.  The shows were great and it was amazing to see some old friends.  In Madison we got to stay at my buddies’ Luke and Dana’s house.  They both run a cool and unique record label called Porter Records.  We all got a chance to check out one of my new favorite record stores named Strictly Discs.  Try to go in there and not blow a couple hundred dollars.  I’m really in trouble because this coming week when the Shades play California we’ll end up at Amoeba Records which is so dangerous for people like me.  Can’t wait to play on the coast because it’s been about 3 or 4 years for me at least.  Hopefully I get to see the Limbeck guys when I’m out there!  WFSY.

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