Tour with the Wallflowers and going to see our neighbors to the north!

So, here I sit in Columbus, Ohio with one show left on the Wallflowers tour the Shades have been doing.  The dudes in the band and their crew couldn’t be more rad, and we’re all going to miss them dearly.  Jimmy, their front of house guy has been mixing us every night for free because he’s so sweet and just wants to help us out.  Safe to say we’re going to miss him the most.

We’re headed to Canada tomorrow night.  Totes going to make a pit stop at Niagra Falls!  Can’t believe people have dove off of those falls.  Sounds like a recipe for dyin’ to me.  Wish us luck in Toronto people!!!!

Been passing out a lot of GLR compilation cd’s on this run and I hope everybody’s finding some enjoyment out of them.


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