SXSW, Ardent Studios, Classic D. Pepp, Tradin’ Paint, Dave Grohl, & BBQ.

Howdy Y’all!

Just got back from a lovely trip down south and I couldn’t have had a better time!  On the way down to Texas we got to stay with our friend Mike in Oklahoma City and meet his dogs.  Their names are Donut and Reeses.  After that in the Dallas/Fort Worth I got to trade a little paint Roberto.  We got to stop at the Dr. Pepper museum in Waco on the way to Austin and I helped the Shades discover their favorite drink…The Original Recipe. If you haven’t ever been to the D. Pepp museum I highly suggest going.

The next couple days we did a couple of classic show with Frank Turner in San Antonio and Corpus Christi.  Big ups to Frank and his crew for having us on those couple shows!  We got to go see the Gulf Of Mexico and hug the Selena statue.  In San Anton we got to go to the Alamo and pay respect to all the struggle that has happened at that particular spot.

Up next was 5 days of chaos in Austin which was super wild and fun!  Right when we got to the Convention center to check in we ran into Dave Grohl and got to chat a bit which was a moment I’ve been waiting for since I was a kid.  He is super down to earth and an all around cool guy.  After that we got to hop on a last minute show with Milwaukee’s own The Mighty Deer Lick at the Legendary White Swan.  What an honor.  Thanks to Travis, Franke, and Erin for putting all us boys up down there.  We played the Blurt party at The Gingerman and that show was out of control!  Got to meet a Shades super fan from Belgium and I got to run into my good buddy from Australia Nish.  It was amazing catching up with everybody there and getting brisket with MKE’s own Tom Vollman.

Our showcase was at this huge awkward airplane hangar that was super loud and way too big for us.  But all went well.  You just have to roll with the punches at SX all day everyday.

The last night we got to play our friend Jimmy’s bar slash BBQ joint named Freedmans.  It was a magical night filled with Milwaukee friends old and new.  But the kicker was Jacob Dylan, Rami Jaffee and Charlie Sexton coming up to play The Weight and One Headlight with us!!!!  I’ll post more pictures on here when I get the chance.

On the way home we hit up and In n Out Burger in Dallas as well as a Waffle House in Arkansas!  Most def the most awkward and horrible WH experience to date but what can you expect?  We stayed the night close to Memphis because at noon we had a hot date for Jody Stevens of Big Star to show us the famous Ardent Studios!  We got to meet everybody there including John Fry which was super sweet.  Jody showed us the whole studio for almost 2 hours with a few factoids and stories.  He is pretty much the nicest person alive.  The Shades are going to try our hardest to record our next record there.  Then on the way out of town Jody tipped us off to some amazing ribs that got us all the way home safely.  What a solid trip.



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