Fall Tour Brings Me To the Alamo’s Basement, NYC, Florida, Gatlinburg, TN & Beyond.

Greetings Y’all!

I recently did another run with the Paul Collins Beat this Fall.  We got to visit some cities I haven’t been to in a long time and some I’ve always wanted to see.  Getting to see my cousins in Jacksonville, FL was one of the biggest highlights for me.  My cousin Andy has been in the military for many years.  He recently got back from his third deployment overseas and we haven’t seen each other in about 4 years.  Spending a week in NYC for CMJ was amazing too.  That city has the best energy in the world.  Thanks to Benny and Jennifer for borrowing me their sweet apartment in the East Village!  I ran into John Cheese which he was Limbeck‘s tour manager.  He helped Benny and Jennifer find their apartment because he’s in real estate now.  Gatlinburg, TN was a very cool touristy town that Michelle took me too when the tour was all over.  It’s basically like a state fair but a town.  It’s Christmas all year there too which is pretty magical in itself.


I’m flying back to NYC to play a showcase with Trapper Schoepp at Bowery Electric this Thursday night at 8:30.  Then the day before Thanksgiving I’m driving to Kansas City to make a new record with Josh Berwanger.  Very excited for the next few months and the holidaze.


Peace & Love,


Charles Ruthie


PCB Alamo

Harrisburg, PA

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