Spring Ahead To Summer

Life rules so hard.  It’s easy to get into a boring lull sometimes.  It’s all what you make of it really.  I’ve been so busy it’s hard to keep track of everything and everywhere I’ve been.  One of the big highlights would have to be the 2nd Annual GLR Day Party at SXSW this past March.  It’s a great way of us to show the public some of our roster and some of our closet friends that we think are so talented and great that they brighten our lives times a million.  This year, the Delta Riggs from Australia played and brought the house down!  Two Cow Garage is one of my favorite bands around today and we’ve been lucky enough to have them 2 years in a row.  We are forever grateful for all the bands that came and played their hearts out and to Freedmen’s for the best venue in the city.  I really think they do have the best ribs in Texas.  Thank you to Barry Simons and Freedmen’s for helping us get the beer garden tent so the rain that happened all day didn’t cancel our party.  One of the coolest non-SXSW related activities I got to do is go to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre house in Kingsland, TX.  It was a surreal experience that blew Michelle and I’s mind.  We even had dinner in the dining room where they do in the movie.  The owners came by to introduce themselves and they showed us around.  They did a great job of preserving the house and turning it into a train themed cafe because it’s basically connected to the towns historic train station.  If you get a chance I highly suggest going to check it out.


For my birthday, Michelle and I went down to Memphis for a couple days.  It was incredible.  Got my favorite Tennessee ribs at Central BBQ and Gus’s Fried Chicken all in the same night.  Kind of felt like dying, but in the best possible way.  We also go to visit Stax Museum and Sun Records.  Stax is so cool to go visit.  I could go every time I’m in town and learn something I didn’t get to soak in from the time before when I visited.  Also made a stop at Shangri La which is an amazing record store that you can spend a million dollars at.  Lastly, I ran into Nick in Nashville that produced the Benjamins AOD record.


Congrats to the Midnight Reruns opening up for the Replacements in Milwaukee and thank you for listening everybody!  Go see Josh Berwanger on tour NOW!



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