Time Off In MKE, SXSW In March, Direct Hit! New Album, & Doing Some Shows With Joseph Huber!

How’s everyone sittin’?  I’m sittin’ good myself.  After closing out last year with many shows, I’ve been taking it easy here at home spending time with my girlfriend, family, and  Ruthie The Pug.  It feels good just to stay home and cuddle with the girls on the couch, and watch a movie.  Yesterday, I volunteered to work at The Chili Bowl contest that my friend Steve entered.  He’s starting a Soup Truck right here in Milwaukee called Simmer this Spring so keep your eyes peeled ladies & gentlemen.  We had tons of fun, and I ate wayyyyyy too much chili!

The Shades just confirmed a couple shows in Austin for this year’s SXSW Music Conference!  It’s always a fun time every year, and I’m trying to already emotionally prepare myself for the craziness that will undoubtedly ensue.  It will be my 5th time down there for the festival, and first time sober in Austin.  Geez.

My friends in the band Direct Hit! are making a new album called Brainless God.  Benny, and I are helping them with the managerial side of things.  It’s a concept album about the end of the world, and I’m really pumped for the guys to have me along for such a fun &  creative record.  I’ll divulge more details as they get further on in development.  But for now let me tell you that a comic book is going to be involved and Mike Kennerty from the All-American Rejects is going to produce it!

The other day my buddy Joseph Huber from the .357 String Band asked me to start doing shows with him to fill out his sound live, and I couldn’t be more excited!  His record from last year called Tongues Of Fire was one of my favorites of 2012, so I’m fully honored that he would think of me.

That’s all for now.  Peace & Love everybody.



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